Expanding The Frontiers Of African Business.

Expanding The Frontiers Of African Business.

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Welcome to Pax Africana Holdings!

Pax Africana Holdings’ business philosophy is deeply rooted in the African intellectual tradition driven by the pursuit for contextual solutions to problems confronting Africans on the African continent. Our approach to complex problem solving and the crafting of business solutions is centered on the re-establishment of a sense of agency amongst African people.

Pax Africana Holdings (Pty) Ltd, is a proudly South African investment company with diversified interests spanning across a range of high growth sectors on the African continent.  Our diverse portfolio consists of assets in Advisory, Construction, Trans-border investments in FMCG value chains, ICT, Media, Real Estate, Mining and Minerals.

“Success in Africa requires partners who possess in-depth knowledge and intimate experience of its complex macroeconomic and cultural environment”

There is a general consensus amongst the global investment community that the countries of Africa constitute the final investment frontier. However, the final investment frontier can be aptly characterised as Volatile, Uncertain Complex, and Ambiguous, VUCA. Pax Africana Holdings is such a partner. Our highly skilled and experienced team comes from diverse industry backgrounds and enables us to make profitable investments across various countries and sectors.

Investment Philosophy

Pax Africana Holdings believes in capital formation through revenue generation as opposed to traditional debt or equity means; this coupled with prudent risk mitigation centered on strategic asset isolation to prevent risk contamination. Supplemented with strategic investments in high growth and labour intensive sectors in underdeveloped and emerging African markets. The culminating point being wealth creation and preservation through the development of strong balance sheet assets.

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The Work Space, 21 Village Road, Selby, Johannesburg, 2001

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